Inuit Nunangat is a significant area of focus for us at OTUS Group.  It is the homeland of Inuit of Canada, and it includes 53 communities located in the four Inuit regions of the territory of Nunavut, Nunatsiavut (Northern coastal Labrador), Nunavik (Northern Quebec), and the Inuvialuit region of the Northwest Territories. 

Respecting Inuit Societal Values, we work with governments, Inuit associations, development corporations, institutions of public government, associations, not-for-profits, and private business in these regions to empower them to meet their objectives.  

We make efforts to support communities in the areas we serve and to engage Inuit as part of our project teams.

Members of our advisory team have many years of experience working in Canada’s North.  We are fortunate to have partnered with Okpik Consulting, an organization we turn to for guidance on Inuit culture, history and traditions.

Strategic Planning – Nunavut Water Board

The Nunavut Water Board is an Institution of Public Government created in 1996 with responsibilities and powers over the use, management and regulation of inland water in Nunavut, except in national parks, in a manner that will provide optimum benefits for residents of Nunavut in particular and Canadians in general.

We assisted the Water Board to complete its strategic plan.  The project included validation of the Board’s vision, mission, and strategic goals.  We completed a survey of Board members and staff and utilized all of this information in a planning session to facilitate completion of the Board’s strategic plan.


Financial Management Capacity Assessment – Department of Finance – Government of Nunavut

We worked with the Department of Finance to undertake a government wide assessment of the GN’s financial management capacity. The Office of the Auditor General of Canada’s (OAG) Financial Management Capability Model was the benchmark for the assessment. 

The project encompassed the following:

  • Documentation review
  • Interviews with senior financial management staff across the GN
  • Completion of a workshop with senior GN financial management staff
  • A survey of GN financial management staff
  • Compilation and analysis of information from interviews, workshop and survey
  • Assessment of GN’s standing on the OAG’s Financial Management Capability Model
  • Development of recommendations to enhance the GN’s financial management capacity

Government of Nunavut

Standing Offer – Financial Reporting RFP 2015-03

Standing Offer – Operational and Analytical Services RFP 2017-56

Risk Management

Financial Management

Business Planning