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Strategic Planning

VISION – Set achievable and measurable objectives for the future.

Are You Too Close to a Problem to Solve It?

Do you feel as if your association or organization is drifting toward an ambiguous destination? Did your last strategic plan get filed away and forgotten?

OTUS Group is a team of insightful analysts and breakthrough thinkers that can help you sharpen your vision and move forward with greater clarity.

Our approach to strategic planning will identify and determine:

  • What you do, who you do it for and the benefits that result (your mission)
  • What the future will look if like you achieve your mission (your vision)
  • Strengths and opportunities that you can exploit, and weaknesses and threats you should address (SWOT)
  • Core values that you can reference to help answer the tough questions about what is right or wrong for your organization
  • Your objectives
  • 90-day operational plans to guide you toward your objectives—with clear accountability and actionable tactics worked in
  • Key performance indicators to measure your progress toward your objectives (this is of critical importance)
Robert Haller, Executive Director
“OTUS Group oversaw the full implementation of a plan that I believe saved our organization.”

Get Results From Your Planning Efforts

We work with you to operationalize your strategic plan with 90-day rolling action plans.  At the end of each 90-day period, we will work with you to measure progress, assess impact, and recommend a new set of goals for the next 90 days to help you to achieve your strategic objectives.

And, if you could benefit from financial management advice on an ongoing, when-needed basis, we offer:

Virtual CFO (VCFO) – Our Signature Service
Financial Sustainability Assessment
Financial Management System Implementation
Alexis Ashworth, Former Chief Executive Officer
“OTUS Group came on board with a passion to help us advance our operations, increase efficiency, and ultimately save money and time.”

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