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Risk Management

AWARENESS – Understand risks and recognize opportunities.

Is Your Organization Risk Aware?

As we manage through COVID-19 and work toward recovery, we will continue to make many decisions in very uncertain circumstances.

OTUS Risk Awareness contributes to a risk-aware culture by equipping your team with skills necessary to understand what risks exist, their potential impacts, and how they can be managed. With this capability present throughout your organization, you can have greater confidence that decision making will contribute to reaching your goals and objectives.

When You Need a Business Risk Assessment (Corporate Risk Profile)

Risk assessments accomplish two critical goals:

  1. Know where you stand: evaluate the current status of risk mitigation and risk management processes
  2. Know where you are going: identify key risks and opportunities—and make sure your processes are aligned and equipped to manage and/or pursue them

OTUS Group has completed over 200 risk assessments of businesses, associations and not-for-profit organizations. We have also completed corporate risk profiles for many public sector clients.

This degree of immersion has enabled us to establish a benchmark. We leverage this benchmark to measure risks against organizations just like yours.

The outcome of your risk assessment will be a better understanding of what measures can be taken in the short and longer term to recognize and reduce risks that matter to your organization. You will also know what opportunities, including the possibility of saving money, are achievable in the short and longer term.

And, if you could benefit from financial management advice on an ongoing, as-needed basis, we offer Virtual CFO (VCFO) services to help executive teams understand the impact and opportunities relative to their financial information.

Margaret McNeil, Chief Executive Officer
“I am grateful for the insights, advice and proactive approaches to address key issues during a time of transition.”

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