Time to Reassess if Your Organization is Ready to Respond to a Disaster

Time to Reassess if Your Organization is Ready to Respond to a Disaster

Are You Ready If Disaster Strikes?

After the Tornado

No one anticipated that wrath of the tornadoes and severe winds that impacted the Ottawa area on Sept. 21.

In the midst of a very stressful situation, it becomes very challenging to concentrate on what you need to do in order to respond effectively.  This could be the reality for a large number of small to mid-size organizations that do not have a continuity plan in place to provide guidance if disaster strikes.  This is a significant risk that is often overlooked.  A high percentage of organizations impacted by a disaster without a plan to respond fail to recover from the impact.

Disaster Can Strike At Any Time – What You Should Do To Be Prepared

A serious situation that could impact your operations can strike quite unexpectedly at any time.

The tornado is a reminder it is important to assess how well your organization is prepared to respond to an emergency.  It is also a good time to review your business continuity plan, or to develop one if you don’t have one in place.

The American Red Cross has developed a no-cost online Ready Rating Assessment to help public organizations, non-profits and private businesses to assess their disaster readiness levels.  This is a useful tool to assess how well you are ready to respond to a disaster situation.

The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) has published guidelines, tools and templates that can help you to review and/or develop an emergency and disaster plan.  These include 8 Steps for Planning Your Emergency Plan

BDC’s Business Continuity Plan Templates provide a number of templates you can use to build a business continuity plan for your organization.

What steps has your organization taken to be ready to respond to emergency situations? Are you confident that you are ready?

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