Decision making involves uncertainty.  But not all uncertainties matter. Those that do have the potential to impact your goals and objectives.  Uncertainties include adverse risks and opportunities. 

At OTUS Group, we believe that risk management can be made simple.  By implementing a practical workable approach, you can minimize exposure to adverse risk and fully leverage opportunities.  We work with you to apply recognized best practices and standards for risk management to your unique circumstances. 

Our Risk Management Services

A Business Risk Assessment (Corporate Risk Profile) is an important step to identify your key risks and opportunities and assess the current status of risk management and mitigation within your organization. OTUS Group has completed over 200 assessments of small companies and not-for-profit organizations, enabling us to establish a benchmark and measure your risks against organizations like yours.  We have also completed a number of corporate risk profiles for our public-sector clients.

The outcome of your Business Risk Assessment (Corporate Risk Profile) is a better understanding of what measures can be taken in the short and long term to reduce risk, and take advantage of opportunities, including the possibility of saving money.

Some organizations consider risk assessment to be a “once and done” task.  Risk management is ongoing exercise. Organizations continually face challenges and opportunities—both seen and unforeseen, large and small.  Proactive risk management is an integral part of your organizations operations.

Many organizations don’t have the expertise or resources to identify, manage and mitigate risks. Consider the services of a Virtual Risk Advisor. Like other management consulting experts, a Virtual Risk Advisor can offer affordable flexibility, customized to fit your needs.

Is your organization is preparing for its first financial statement audit? Are you are seeking to align with the expectations of an industry standard and accreditation?

If the need for compliance readiness leads you into unfamiliar territory, OTUS Group can assist with audit and compliance preparation.  We can help you to get ready for audit by designing and implementing the right structure and controls for your organization.

 OTUS is dedicated to ensuring you will be better prepared, more confident and less stressed when you engage with your auditors or assessors.

We have custom solutions to your unique problems, contact us and find out how an OTUS Group expert can give you piece of mind.


What is your Risk Management strategy?

We can help you reduce business risk and prevent financial losses by ensuring you have a well-planned risk management process in place.