A lack of financial management expertise is probably the single most common factor that causes otherwise successful organizations to run into difficulties. Don't let this happen to you.

We empower your organization with greater financial vigilance and foresight.

Many organizations rely on OTUS Group as a valued partner and sounding board to align their finance function with their business strategy and to be confident they have comprehensive financial reporting in place to support effective decision making.

Our Signature Service

Our team of VCFO’s see more than just numbers.  They become part of your management team, and with their extensive executive level experience, they help you to understand the impact and opportunity relevant to your financial information.

How many times have you wished you had regular input from a C-level financial management expert but thought it was off-limits due to cost? A Virtual Chief Financial Officer (VCFO) might be the solution you never realized was accessible to you—and it’s entirely affordable

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Our Financial Management Services

The value of OTUS Group’s Financial Sustainability Assessment reminds us of this quotation:

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” (Marcel Proust)

Your financial sustainability assessment will provide “new eyes” that will scan for financial risks and gaps that may have escaped your awareness as well as opportunities to make better informed business decisions.  For example, the following critical financial management competencies will be assessed:

  • Financial management
  • Efficient and cost-effective use of resources
  • Financial reporting
  • Internal control over financial reporting
  • Vigilant measures to safeguard assets
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Payroll

Running an organization without effective internal control over financial reporting is like playing Russian Roulette—you just can’t be sure when you might get a nasty surprise.

Our business and financial management consulting experts can help you:

  • Identify your most significant financial management risks, so you can avoid expensive surprises
  • Design effective internal controls over financial reporting, which may result in cost savings
  • Develop effective monitoring processes to provide you with assurance that your key internal controls over financial reporting are operating consistently as designed

Implementing financial management systems can become frustrating and very costly if not done properly.

Every organization is complex and unique, which is why selecting a financial management system should not be primarily focused on researching its technology. Instead, the focus should be far more about understanding your business requirements and aligning them with the right solution.

Our business and financial management consulting experts can help you to make informed decisions by:

  • Assessing and understanding your business requirements
  • Identifying appropriate technical solutions that align with your business requirements, including full consideration of the risks and benefits
  • Establishing appropriate internal controls for your new financial management system
  • Generating meaningful and useful financial reports
  • Converting data from the old to the new accounting system
  • Identifying opportunities to take greater advantage of technology, including for example, electronic funds transfer and cloud computing

We have custom solutions to your unique problems, contact us and find out how an OTUS Group expert can give you piece of mind.





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