Do you feel as if your organization is drifting toward an ambiguous destination? 

We combine strategic thinking with action and partner with you to identify and determine:  

  • What you do, who you do it for and the benefit that results (your mission)
  • What the future will look if like you achieve your mission (your vision)
  • Strengths and opportunities that you can exploit, and weaknesses and threats you should address (SWOT)
  • Core values that you can reference to help answer the tough questions about what is right or wrong for your organization
  • Your objectives
  • 90-day operational plans to guide you toward your objectives
  • Key performance indicators to measure your progress toward your objectives

Far too often, an investment in business planning results in a document that lands on a shelf with little value. When you work with OTUS Group, you can be confident that this won’t happen. We not only help you to define your strategic direction, we help you put it to work so you will know where you are going and the road that will get you there.

OTUS Business Planning Services

Have you ever made a significant investment in a strategic plan, only to end up with a document that lands on a shelf? You’re not alone—it’s a significant and relatively common risk.

At OTUS Group, our customized action plans are designed to systematically mobilize, engage and advance the strategy over an initial 90-day period. After achieving this milestone, we will measure progress, assess impact, and recommend a new set of goals for the next 90 days.

Unlike strategic plans that begin with a strong push only to lose momentum, OTUS Group strategic plans continue to apply 90-day rolling time horizons with practical, achievable steps for three to five years.

This approach not only allows for course corrections when necessary, but provides clients with manageable cycles to build on their progress as they navigate towards successful outcomes.

We have custom solutions to your unique problems, contact us and find out how an OTUS Group expert can give you piece of mind.

Is your strategic plan working for you?

Set Your Goals High.