Northern Lights 2018

Northern Lights 2018

Northern Lights

From January 31 to  February 3, Ottawa will host the Northern Lights conference at the Shaw Centre.  Organized by the Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce (BRCC) and the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce (LNCC), Northern Lights is a high-profile business and cultural showcase of Nunavut, Nunavik, and Labrador / Nunatsiavut.

The goal of the Northern Lights Conference is to showcase the best that Eastern Canada’s Arctic & North has to offer, whether it be industry, tourism, arts and culture, or the many other areas where progress and opportunities are happening.

Showcase for Nunavut’s new Government

A general election was held in Nunavut in 2017.  Many may not know that the 22 MLA’s elected to the Nunavut Legislature are not associated with political parties.  The Nunavut Legislature is a consensus government.    In November, the new government met in a special session known as the Nunavut Leadership Forum, during which time the newly elected MLA’s elected Nunavut’s new premier, Paul Quassa and the executive council (cabinet).   The premier and his new cabinet are in the process of setting the main priorities for the new government over the next four years.  We expect that Northern Lights will be a platform for Nunavut’s new government to showcase its agenda.  Premier Quassa will be speaking at the Northern Lights luncheon on Feb. 1.

There are numerous challenges facing the Government of Nunavut  and it will be interesting to hear how the new government plans to address them.

We will be attending Northern Lights with a keen interest in learning about the Government of Nunavut’s key priorities.  Make sure to check back for a future post, in which we will share our learnings from Northern Lights.

OTUS Group has two standing offers with the Government of Nunavut and we look forward to the opportunity of helping the new government to implement its agenda.

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