Join us at the Ottawa Association Exchange Forum


Join us at the Ottawa Association Exchange Forum

Last fall, in partnership with the Ottawa Business Journal and ten other organizations, we embarked on an exciting multi-year journey called the Ottawa Association Exchange (OAX).  One of the main objectives of OAX is to build a repository of knowledge that Ottawa’s associations can draw upon to understand key operational issues and how executives overcome common challenges.

Today we are excited to announce the next significant milestone on our OAX journey, scheduled for the first full day of spring – March 21, at the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park.  That is the day when we will reveal the results of the first annual OAX survey and release the inaugural OAX Magazine.  Attendees can expect an engaging morning full of facts, insights and practical takeaways.

The forum will start with an analysis of the OAX survey results.  Following that, attendees, working in groups, will have an opportunity to discuss case studies focussed on membership engagement, funding diversification, board governance and risk management.  The results will be shared with all attendees and explored in more depth by an expert panel.

The event will be capped off with an informative presentation from Bruce Anderson.  Many will recognize Bruce as one of Canada’s leading commentators on public opinion and political affairs, a former member of the CBC’s popular At Issue Panel and a columnist for the Globe and Mail.  Bruce is also a founder of i2 Ideas and Issues Advertising, which provides campaigns for many of the country’s most important industry associations.

There’s a lot of learning packed into a morning!  And that’s perhaps one of the most important reasons why you should attend.  A recent article in Inc Magazine featured an interview with Shelly Osborne, the head of learning and development at Udemy.  She explored how a learning culture within an organization fuels success. The following are three observations:

  • Employees want access to learning opportunities.  A lack of supported learning was cited as a reason why up to 31% of employees leave a position in the first six months.
  • In organizations where learning is supported, employees are more likely to experiment and innovate and recognize the power of cross-functional collaboration to generate new ideas.
  • Organizations that see learning as a strategic investment reap the rewards of having agile employees who can more readily pick up skills as needed.

A commitment to learning and sharing of knowledge is one of our core values.  With that in mind, we would be so pleased if you and members of your team can join us on March 21 for a not-to-be-missed opportunity to help your association spring ahead!

Want to attend?  Register Here – and use code otusguest to save $20 on your ticket purchase!

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Francis Liska
CEO OTUS Group | OTUS Group
Francis is a Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified General Accountant, Certified Information Systems Auditor, Certified Internal Control Auditor and a Certified Management Consultant. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Cape Breton University and a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Information Technology. He has also completed graduate studies in decision analysis at Carleton University.

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