Is my Data Safe ? Staying Safe with Cloud-Based Services

Staying Safe with Cloud-Based Services

As part of our blog collaboration with Zenbooks, we are discussing data safety and cloud-based services.

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Is my data safe?

Do you find yourself on the fence with whether to adopt cloud storage? There are so many benefits to storing your data in the cloud, from freeing up space on your hard drive to reducing your company’s carbon footprint, but we are often faced with the question of data security.   What many organizations do not realize is that there is a far greater risk of data loss or theft from a company’s in-house servers or hard drives than from cloud storage.  Moving data to enterprise-grade cloud storage can greatly mitigate those risks.   Data stored in the cloud is almost always stored in encrypted format, meaning it would need to be cracked before it could be read.   Data is also frequently backed up, so that if one version becomes corrupted, the data can usually be recovered by retrieving a recent backup.

With new technologies come new fears and we’re here to address the most common safety fears you may have with storing your data in the cloud.

How is my data stored? The “cloud” is another word for off-site data. When storing your company data in the cloud you are storing your data in remote servers, freeing up space on your computer and in your office.  The idea of cloud-based financial services can seem daunting but in reality, many of us are already using some form of cloud-based programs. Applications such as Facebook or even your email account all store data on the cloud.

What if I have a question regarding my data’s security? With the recent boom in cloud-based services, many programs have turbocharged their customer service offerings to help individuals with varying degrees of technological literacy. The programs themselves are more user-friendly than ever and the support-based companies like ourselves and Zenbooks are here to train your team, at every step of the way. Whether you are a one-man show or a team of 20 we want everyone to feel comfortable with their cloud-based program.

What if I need to update my program? Keeping your program current with the latest updates is important in keeping your data safe. Fortunately your accounting team such as Zenbooks is there to ensure your program is always updated and able to keep your data safe.

What extra steps are taken to keep my data safe? With the increasing use of cloud-based programs keeping data safe and secure is a company’s top priority. While features such as continuous updates will help keep your data safe, these programs have a few other tricks up their sleeves. Encryption is a standard with the majority of cloud-based programs. This means that all of your data is translated into a specific code. Should your data ever be accessed by the wrong person it would be completely unreadable. While data encryption is a strong tool features such as firewalls, specific malware detection, network protection and system segregation are also employed to keep your data safe.

In conclusion, there are significant advantages to storing your data in the cloud, with the safety and security of your data being a major one.   The high level of investment, expertise and time required to properly secure and protect data is beyond the internal capability of most organizations and has led to the explosive growth and adoption of cloud storage services.

We’ve written this blog in collaboration with Zenbooks, make sure to take a look at their blog on  Differentiating Cloud-Based Financial Roles

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Richard MacNeill, FCPA, FCMA, CMC, Dipl. T. is a partner at OTUS Group, a team of advisors to business, government and not-for-profit organizations.

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