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Food Insecurity in Canada’s North –  Ottawa Company Making a Difference

Food insecurity is a big problem in Canada’s North.  In its 2016 food report card, the Conference Board of Canada gave Nunavut a failing grade.   The high cost of food is a problem in other northern communities as well, including Churchill Manitoba.  Now an Ottawa company The Growcer is making a difference with an innovative concept to grow fresh produce locally in northern communities.

Measuring Progress – Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission issued 94 Calls to Action.  The CBC has produced Beyond 94 – a site that provides up-to-date status reports on each call to action, and extensive summaries explaining those status reports. Beyond 94 also includes in-depth features and short video documentaries that tell some of the community stories behind the calls to action, and it also features residential school survivors sharing their experiences

Small Communities in Decline on Canada’s East Coast

In the early 2000’s Cape Breton’s last working coal mine, the Prince Mine in Point Aconi and Sydney Steel closed.  Coal and steel underpinned the economy in Cape Breton for over 100 years.  Although there is a new coal mine in Donkin and some new businesses have emerged, the economy in Cape Breton has not recovered.  Because of this, once thriving communities are in severe decline.  The story is similar in Newfoundland – read about Little Bay Islands.

Ontario woman allegedly funnels over $600,000 from her employer to charities

A woman in Maxville, Ontario has been charged with fraud after allegedly funneling over $600,000 of her employer’s money into bank accounts for two charities of which she was as a board member.  Supposedly, the two charities had incurred large debts due to errors made by the woman.  A clear reminder to non-profits on the importance of reputable financial oversight and strong internal controls.

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