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Iqaluit Licensing Airbnb Rentals

This story outlines how it can be difficult to get a hotel room in Iqaluit.  In response several people are advertising their homes through Airbnb.  The City of Iqaluit is now requiring Airbnb hosts to apply for a business license which some say is an expensive and cumbersome process.


Private Company Tax Changes – Requests for Deferrals and Changes

The Senate national finance committee is being asked to defer the introduction of new income sprinkling rules, as well as request new exemptions to the tax policy as concerns over complexity and ambiguity remain unabated.


The Impact of Ride Sharing Services in New York City

In 2014, a taxi medallion (license) in New York City sold for a record US$1.3-million. Now licenses change hands for as little as US$180,000.  This story illustrates how rapidly change can impact an industry and sadly how severe the impact can be on some of those impacted.


New chocolate Bar Named After Mi’kmaq Word for Peace

Previously we included a story about Peace by Chocolate, a candy manufacturing company started by Syrian refugees in Antigonish, N.S.  This is a good news story about newcomers to Canada making an impact on their new hometown.  Peace by Chocolate recently launched a new bar named after the Mi’kmaq word for peace.  There are plans to launch other versions of the bar using the Arabic, French and Mandarin words for peace.


Drive from Canada to France

Planning your summer vacation?  This year you can drive from Canada to France – many might not know how this could be possible!

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