In the News: the Good, the Bad, and the Risky

Our weekly “In the News” segment is returning! Each week we will be sharing news stories that have caught our eye, one good, one bad, and one risky. Join us each week as we share our views on the news.

The Good

Most of us know someone who has been touched by cancer.  But the news is getting better.  A report over the holiday season revealed that researchers at the Francis Crick Institute in London believe it is possible to fight cancer with the body’s immune system.  The report notes that 30 years ago, typically only one in four people survived 10 years after a cancer diagnosis, now that number is up to 50% and scientists at the Crick Institute want to increase the rate of survivability to 75% in 15 years.

Many may not know that exciting research is being carried out here in Ottawa at the Bell Lab at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute to identify viruses that selectively infect and kill cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells and tissues unharmed.

Let’s hope we are not far away from a day when the need for chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments becomes a thing of the past.

Cancer May No Longer Be Deadly in the Future

The Bad and the Risky

An article from IT World Canada that outlines cyber security breaches from 2018 and suggests we can expect more the same for 2019 fills the bad and the risky for this week.

Cyber Security Issues 2018 and What to Expect for 2019

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