In the News – the Good, the Bad and the Risky.


A review of good news stories from 2018.


It appears that there is no market for recycled film plastic.  Much of it used to go to China, but Chinese buyers stopped accepting the material about a year ago.  Now there are tons of the stuff in storage, much of which may soon end up in a land fill.

No Where to Recycle Film Plastic

And a recent report from CBC’s Marketplace indicates that Canada’s grocery stores have made little progress in tackling the progress in tackling the mounting problem of plastic waste.  Remarkably significant amounts of plastic waste from Canada have been identified in piles as far away as Malaysia waiting to be recycled or discarded.


For the most part, when you or someone you know is ill, you can get medical attention if required in a reasonable period of time.  Such is not always the case in Nunavut.  A recent report in Nunatsiaq News described how the health centre in Baker Lake was recently closed except for emergencies due a shortage of nursing staff. According to the article, staff on site made significant efforts to help non-emergency cases as much as possible.

The Meadow Bank Gold Mine is in Baker Lake.  Mining is an inherently dangerous business.  The staff shortage at the health centre in Baker Lake tends to raise a question as to what the emergency response could be to a significant mining accident?


Nunavut health centre down to minimum services amid nursing shortage

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