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Matches are made in heaven, or so we are told. But in today’s hyper-connected world, matches are increasingly made in cyberspace, and real estate is increasingly no exception.

The Uber of real estate is coming and once again, it’s millennials who are behind the disruption

The decline and fall of great names in North American corporate history is now so common that nobody much notices when another former giant is added to the list. The latest falling star is Sears. The legendary retailing pioneer, already under bankruptcy protection in Canada, staggered into U.S. bankruptcy court on Monday, an ignominious place for a company that for much of the past century stood as a storied symbol of American capitalist achievement.

Weep not for Sears. Praise the glorious market that killed it

Nunavut still has a long way to go to bring its educational attainment close to national levels or even to those in the Northwest Territories. This is revealed by a recent set of Statistics Canada tables that compare the levels of education achieved in Nunavut and by Inuit nationally and in the territory, between the ages of 25 and 64. More than seven in 10 Nunavummiut in that age group had less than a high school level of education in 2016, the tables show.

Nunavut still lagging in educational attainment: StatCan, Territory had the highest proportion of adults in 2016 with no high school diploma.

The Nunavut Resources Corp. is out around $300,000 after months of falling victim to an email scam. It started last December, according to the corporation’s chief operating officer Scott Northey. “Somebody was sending emails roughly under my name to our bookkeeper and requesting payment to people who had nothing to do with [us],” he explained.

Email scammers con Nunavut corporation out of $300K


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