Where will your imagination take you?

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine the Possibilities

Imagine walking into your next board meeting; you have big plans for your organization, and you know that you can achieve them, but you need support from your board.  You have all the facts at your fingertips, and you have all the figures.  You can speak confidently and knowledgeably to the board about where your organization stands and what it will look like in the future, all backed by a solid plan and understanding of your finances.

Imagine the board unanimously approves your vision.

Imagine being able to focus your time and energy on your organization’s vision and mission, knowing that your finances are being looked after.  Imagine having a trusted advisor, guiding you on your journey.  Imagine knowing that you can make sound decisions about your organization, knowing that your financial statements are accurate and completely up to date.  Imagine the peace of mind that flows from this knowledge, understanding and sense of control.

OTUS Group can make this vision a reality.  For over 12 years, we have specialized in partnering with non-profit organizations.  We work alongside non-profit executives, making sense of the financials and helping strengthen financial management systems.

How do we help you get there? 

We approach every new organization systematically. 

The first step is a Financial Management Assessment (FMA).  OTUS’ many years of experience have taught us that a complete understanding of your current situation is critical to getting you off to a good start.  We will provide you with our observations and findings, including personalized recommendations. The direction and guidance we provide is based on our experience of working with over 300 different organizations.

The next step?  Some organizations need to address urgent gaps or issues.  This could mean addressing inadequate financial reporting or instilling best practices to address gaps that expose you to risk.  OTUS will help you design a plan for projects that work within your budget to prepare your organization for the next level of financial management maturity.

So now you are almost there.  The final piece of the puzzle is providing you with VCFO service.  What does that mean exactly?  A virtual Chief Financial Officer provides you and your organization with the highest level of financial oversight and expert advice.  At OTUS, our clients work directly with the most experienced, senior level VCFOs.  Our stellar advisors are all Chartered Professional Accountants, and most have additional expertise as well.  You can benefit from the highest quality of professionalism and knowledge without using your precious resources on a full-time employee.

Imagine what your organization could look like in one year from now.  Maybe you are sleeping better at night.  Perhaps your board is finally giving you the support you need to get things done. What does peace of mind look like for you?

Set your goals high – we’ll help you reach them.

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OTUS Group is a business advisory firm and our mission is to help make your organization stronger. We get things done, and when we do, our clients have peace of mind and a sense of control.

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