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Proud Members of the NPO Group.

The NPO Group is a collective of trusted professional organizations with expertise in the following areas: Legal (Gowlings WLG), Banking (RBC), Financial and Risk Management (OTUS Group), Purposeful Fundraising, Public Accounting (Hendry Warren LLP), Total Office Management (Virtual Works), Governance Expertise (Corbeil Consulting). For more information visit our website.

Okpik is an Inuktut word meaning “owl”. Owl’s are known for guiding people in their journey and at Okpik Consulting, the goal is just that. Walking with organizations or businesses in the implementation of culturally sensitive programs relevant to the unique needs of  communities.
Okpik Consulting will work with you to empower your workforce and the community you work with through various stages of program/service implementation and development.

Okpik Consulting offers a variety of services, contact us for more information on how we can help you!


In this fast-paced, competitive world, the need for effective leadership cannot be underestimated. The powerful ripple effect of inspired leadership can lead to innovation, breakthroughs and market dominance.
Your Leadership Team is your secret weapon for wide-reaching impact. There is no greater R.O.I., period.
​But leadership positions don’t come with a user manual and high performance doesn’t happen by chance. Your leaders need to be continuously honing their skills, considering themselves a work in progress. They need guidance, perspective and feedback to inspire their teams to strive, achieve and exceed expectations.

This is what we do

We’re on a quest to make inspired leadership Ubiquitous by helping leaders maximize their impact.


The Ottawa Chamber of Commerce is the Voice of Business in Ottawa, representing over 700 members and 27,000 employees from multiple industries for the past 160 years.
The Chamber advocates for the economic prosperity of its community through Advocacy, Dialogue and Connections. We help Ottawa companies of all sizes increase their visibility, raise their profile, and create new business opportunities through business partnerships, networking & educational events, award recognitions, publications, and innovative business practices.

The West Ottawa Board of Trade is an organization that is constantly working to provide the greatest support possible to the businesses in our region. When the leaders of this business community realized we could do more working together, they brought together the Kanata Chamber of Commerce and the Nepean Chamber of Commerce.