Francis Liska, CEO & Richard MacNeill, President

“Who” is OTUS Group?

OTUS Group is a management consulting firm that has developed a reliable brain trust of experienced, talented and dedicated experts. We support associations, not-for-profit, private and public sector clients with resourceful financial management, virtual CFO, risk management, planning and strategic advisory solutions.

“Hoo” is OTUS?

OTUS Group’s namesake, the owl (scientific name: OTUS), has been a universal symbol of wisdom, vision, insight and intelligence for thousands of years. Revered both for its beauty and its protective nature, the owl has taken its prominent and unmistakable place in art, culture, politics, and commerce.

The owl first became an important symbol of commerce within the booming metropolis of ancient Greece. It was said that owls, favourite birds of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, kept a watchful eye over all transactions because their “inner light” and 270-degree vision allowed them to see opportunities and avoid dangers that others could not. Their influence was so powerful that an image of an owl was placed on one side of Greek coins with Athena on the other.

Why work with OTUS Group?

For over 14 years, OTUS Group has delivered exceptional value to hundreds of organizations in Ottawa, Vancouver, Canada’s North, and beyond.

We can help you grow and protect your organization with financial management, risk management, planning and executive advisory services. We will show you how to overcome obstacles and elevate your organization to new heights.

Want to know more about OTUS Group?

We asked our founders, colleagues, and clients to tell you in their own words.



To be recognized as an innovative thought leader enabling organizations, especially associations and not-for-profits, to make sustainable improvements in financial management, risk management, and planning.


We partner with organizations to implement sustainable improvements to their operations.


We are entrepreneurial and run our business like a business

We are committed to a balanced lifestyle with family first

We have high client service and quality standards

We value diversity

We believe fun is important and we celebrate our success

We place high value on our professions

We are committed to learning and sharing of knowledge

We support initiatives to add value to our community


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