Judi Pullen V2-2 In Brief

Judi Pullen is an experienced Human Resource Professional who works as a Senior Advisor and Consultant for the OTUS Group

Areas of Expertise

  • Conducts Organizational Development reviews to ensure that existing Human Resources align with an organization’s strategic direction, goals and objectives
  • Recruits, interviews, selects and hires staff
  • Implements skill / gap analysis to help organizations achieve their human resource requirements
  • Develops job descriptions that align with an organization’s needs
  • Reviews and implements Performance Management systems
  • Coaches and Mentors staff at all levels to ensure new knowledge and skills are learned


About Judi

Judi enjoys working with clients in a collaborative and participatory manner. She has excellent organizational skills and deploys a common-sense approach to management. Judi is an effective communicator, has strong interpersonal and team building skills and, excels at coaching and mentoring staff at all levels.

Her background and HR consulting experience has allowed her to make a positive contribution to several of OTUS’s clients. Her varied experience has given her tremendous insight into the general administration and business management functions of both private and public sector organizations. She has successfully collaborated on the direction, the strategies and the management policies governing the resources of many of her clients.