Your Management Workshops will provide practical insight and enhance your team’s skills, tapping into their leadership potential. Your team will be armed with new found knowledge and competencies that can be used right away for real results. Your workshops will be customized to improve your management team's performance by focusing on six key areas: finance, risk, information protection, process, leadership, and strategy.

Your Management Workshops;

  • Address your needs as identified through the completion of your management scorecard.
  • Focus on overcoming obstacles, allowing you to achieve objectives important to you.
  • Are cost effective by leveraging existing job grant programs.*subject to grant qualification

Management Development Workshop F.A.Q.

Q. How do I choose the right workshops for my team?

A. OTUS Group will help you to select the most appropriate workshops for your team.  We will guide you in your selection by referring to your responses to the questions contained in our Management Scorecard and discussing your responses and the best course of action for you.

Q. What if I only need one or two workshops?

A. No problem.  You can choose the workshops that best fit the needs of your organization.

Q. What is the nature of the workshops?

A. The workshops are designed to provide your team with practical, relevant insight on recognized good management practices in a range of functional areas which will help to strengthen your management team’s skills and make your organization stronger.

Q. How many people can attend each workshop?

A. The optimal number of participants is between 5 and 12 people.

Q. How long is each workshop?

A. Each workshop runs 3.5 - 4 hours with ample time for questions and answers and discussion of situations and examples that are relevant to your business.  

Q. Where are the workshops held?

A. We would normally hold them at your location. However, they can be held anywhere – we do recommend you provide a space that is both comfortable and private. 

Q. Can I get funding to offset my investment in my team?

A. Yes!  You might be able to leverage the Canada Job Grant.  OTUS Group can guide you through the application process.

Q. What if I need more help?

A.  OTUS Group has a team of experienced, senior business advisors.  If you feel you need more help, let’s have a discussion.