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A First in Aviation

We are very proud to have four of Canada’s most significant private aviation associations as clients.  March 5-11 was Women of Aviation Week.  This is an interesting story about Manitoba’s first female Indigenous Medivac Air Ambulance team.

Changing Culture at CRA

Tim Cestnick is a regular contributor to the Globe and Mail.  He recently commented on his and others perceptions of a changing culture at the CRA, a situation we should be concerned about.

Persistence is a Key to Success

No doubt you have run into more that one pothole recently.  Three decades ago Abd El Halim, a civil engineering professor at Carleton University in Ottawa came up with way to eliminate potholes.  It involved replacing the steel cylinder on a pavement roller with a rubber belt on a track.  His solution is now getting attention because it has been proven to reduce the amount of water that can permeate small fissures in new pavement caused by steel drum rollers.  It is the water that gets through the pavement that leads to potholes through the freeze/thaw cycle.

There’s a broader message in this story – persistence is a key to success – it took three decades for Professor El Halim’s solution to gain industry acceptance.

Clean Water

Slate Falls, a First Nation in northwestern Ontario, has been under a boil-water advisory for 14 years. With the opening of a new treatment plant, Slate Falls finally has access to clean water. While this is uplifting news, sadly, there are still 81 long-term boil-water advisories in First Nations communities in Canada.

Your brand is defined with or without you

A short but precise look at the difference between corporate identity and a brand.

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