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OTUS Group is proud to announce our newest partner, Indigenous Works. We are so excited to have teamed up with this incredible organization and will soon be announcing more details. We both believe partnerships are key to developing the right relationships and generating better results.


Indigenous Works has recently released a new report with alarming findings. Here is a brief overview and a link to access the full report:

Indigenous Works, formerly the Aboriginal Human Resource Council est. 1998, has completed new research which shines on the light on the partnership gap and partnership opportunities facing Corporate Canada and indigenous people.  A summary version of our new research report is attached and it reveals an alarming finding, that 85 percent of Canadian businesses are in no way engaged with Indigenous communities. At a time when shortages of skilled workers dominate the news and when public policy is charting a clear course toward reconciliation, this news is troubling.

Over a period of six months in 2017  our researchers surveyed more than 500 Canadian medium and large businesses. They examined not only the extent to which these companies and organizations engage with Indigenous communities, but also the systems, structures and supports they have in place to spur engagement, forge partnerships and build long-term relations with Indigenous groups. Most are lacking. Outside of the resource sector where partnerships have been established, the research indicates that significant effort will be needed to encourage corporate Canada to develop engagements and partnerships with Indigenous people, businesses and communities.

“The general picture which emerges from the research is that businesses across most sectors need help with their Indigenous partnerships” says Kelly Lendsay, President and CEO of Indigenous Works.

If you would like to learn more about what your company or organization can do please sign up for free information resources, tools and a partnership video and guide at HERE.

Kelly J. Lendsay, MBA, ICD.D, President & CEO

Craig J. Hall, MBA, Chief Fullfilment Officer

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We are looking forward to strengthening Canada’s business communities by working with Indigenous Works. Stay tuned to learn more about how we will be working together …

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